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Rye Grass

Our Sussex haylage fields are sown every three years with rye grass to make only the very highest quality haylage. When the weather is set fair we mow 25% of our acreage, this is to ensure against the weather.The haylage is then turned to make sure it dries evenly. When the moisture level is perfect it is rowed up baled wrapped and taken to the stack within hours to prevent bird and rabbit damage.

Mixed Grass

An identical process as the rye grass haylage. The mixed grass haylage is suitable for horses that require dust free forage, but dont need the energy of the pure rye grass, this blend of grasses is the ideal feed.

Red Clover

For horses that require condition building or high energy we grow a red clover/rye grass haylage this provides a higher protein content resulting in high weight gains or extremely useful for horses in heavy work.


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