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A.R Peters was making hay with horses, and now continues to make hay using modern machinery but still aiming to produce the finest quality, lowest dust hay to feed horses. We provide both large square and round bales, and our delivery team are able to get them into most feed stores (a stable door).

Medow Hay

The production of our medow hay started over seventy years ago and the same traditional Sussex hay medows and grass are used today as they were then, creating a truely unique blend of fine sweet grasses to make a hay that is suitable for all horses especially those seinsitive to laminitus. We aim to mow our hay mid June onwards once the haylage is finished and the birds have finished nesting in the medows. The grass is mown using a mower with no conditioner to try and keep the grass as long as possible to reduce dust. Hay has to be baled at the perfect moisture to prevent it becoming dusty, too damp and mould forms to dry and it breaks up. When the hay is baled it is taken and stacked into large barns, the bigger the stack means less outside bales therefore beter quality.

Seed Hay

We also have short term grass leys used to produce a courser hay which some types of horse prefer.

Other grades

We always aim to make the best hay but with the Englsih weather occasionally it will get a shower of rain, we store this hay separately and make it available at a lower price for less sensitive horses.




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